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Rome is an open-air classroom for kids, a magical place where ancient ruins, delicious food, and charming piazzas come together to create a unique learning experience. Nevertheless, if you want a memorable experience for your kids, bring them to ROMA WORLD! Perfect for kids and adults, it is becoming increasingly famous for a good reason. Let’s understand why!


“Roma World allows you to experience Ancient Rome, as has been imagined in decades of film and fiction, from Ben Hur to Gladiator. — In Rome, you see it; in Roma World, you live it!”

РStefano Cigarini, Cinecittà World CEO


What is Roma World?

Roma World is a theme park surrounded by a five-hectare park. This property is nestled in the Roman countryside amidst cork forests and meadows. It’s a great place to take kids interested in learning about ancient Rome in fun and interactive ways. The park is designed to transport visitors back in time to the days of the Roman Empire, with costumed characters, historical reenactments, and replicas of ancient Roman buildings.

roma world

Gladiators simulating a fight

What to do at Roma World Camp?

  • Become a gladiator for a day:¬†Kids can learn how to use gladiator weapons and even participate in a mock battle.¬†
  • Learn about ancient Roman life:¬†¬†The park has a variety of exhibits and activities that teach visitors everything from Roman food and fashion to religion and military history.
  • Enjoy the Gladiator show and choose thumb up or down!
  • Go shopping in the ancient Roman marketplace:¬†¬†The marketplace has a variety of shops and stalls selling souvenirs, food, and drinks.
  • Eat like a Roman:¬†Enjoy¬†authentic Roman meals in the Taberna, with exquisite meats and peasant flavors for lunch and dinner.

roma wold park

  • Gladiator School,¬†led by the instructors of the Gruppo Storico Romano.
  • See a falconry show. Here,¬†you can admire the flight of the eagle and other birds of prey, which were used in ancient Rome for hunting and messaging.
  • Try¬†your hand at an Archer’s Challenge, a duel to the last arrow with the park’s master marksman.¬†The woods of the¬†Medieval Village¬†are the setting for the film William Tell and the historical series Romulus.¬†
  • Explore the nature trails: The park has several trails that wind through the woods and meadows. With the botanical tour, you can discover the secrets of biodiversity and meet and feed the farm animals.
  • Roma On Fire is a grandiose evening live spectacle performed on the¬†majestic set of the colossal Ben Hur. Roland Emmerich’s American TV series Those About To Die, which starred Anthony Hopkins, also chose the Ben Hur Arena.¬†

More to do at Roma World!

Create personalized works at the Mosaic Workshop;  compose your artwork with colored tesserae, as was done in ancient Rome, under the guidance of experts, and, at the end of the activity, take your creation home.

Sleep in the tents of the Roman Legion village. From 1 May 2024,  the Gladiator Package, which includes overnight stays, will extend the experience to nightfall.

Roma World theme park

Roma World theme park: sleep in the legionary tents

Are you fond of social media sharing? In the Armoury inside the Castrum, you can wear your armor under the supervision of a Praetorian and immortalize the moment in a snapshot.

Are you planning a day at Roma World?

  • The park is open from April to October.
  • Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.
  • Various ticket options are available, including day tickets, season passes, and combination tickets that include entry to other theme parks in the area.
  • The park is stroller-friendly but has some hills, so you may want to bring a carrier for young children.
  • Be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat, as there is very little shade in the park.
  • Bring plenty of water, especially on hot days.

Do you have a limited time in Rome, not an entire day? No worries!

Book a Combo Tour with an afternoon Colosseum and Roman Forum tour + The evening Roma On Fire show. See all details: