Parents are often all a little apprehensive about visiting the Vatican Museums with kids. We are so glad you are here because when children reject the experience, they lose faith in this type of proposals.

We want to inspire families to visit museums together! We believe that life is made of moments to connect with our kids using simple strategies to create interests in adult things!
We have a theory: happy kids = happy parents = Enjoyable visit.

How to plan a visit to the Vatican Museums with kids

They are called the Vatican Museums precisely because they are numerous museums, galleries, rooms, and departments gathered in a single complex. Given the vastness of collections and historical periods, it is not difficult to plan the visit, for example, based on school programs or personal interests. The kid’s favorite thing about The Vatican collections, though, is the Egyptian Museum. They especially love the mummies and the sarcophagus! After taking photos with their favorites, we can interact and make them feel important, adapting our explanations to what they already know, expanding their knowledge.

Is it possible to visit the Sistine Chapel?

No tour to the Vatican is complete without admiring the Sistine Chapel.
We explain to the children the function of this sacred place and that once we enter, we will have to be silent. With the help of panels, we have already explained to them what they will see. Hell, purgatory and heaven are concepts known to them. They will discover how once when not everyone could read, the paintings served to educate on the old and the new testament stories. What better way to talk about Michelangelo, Botticelli, or Perugino?

Covid-19 and the Vatican Visits

The reduced number of museums allows us to enjoy them fully; usually, they are overcrowded! Let’s not miss this opportunity to create a pleasant memory of a family outing and feed the minds of our kids!
Remember, we only get 18 summers with our kids. let’s make them count!