Below, a brief introduction on how to travel in Rome by public transport. Tickets can be purchased on-site, at numerous tobacconists, newsstands, vending machines, and cash desks (where available) in underground stations. Here is the other essential information to know before arriving in Rome.

ATAC has introduced the tap & go service. Just bring your contactless credit/debit/prepaid card to all metro stations’ turnstiles on lines A, B / B1, C; the turnstile release is indicated with green light.. Contactless readers are recognizable by the symbo l. The cost of the service is the same as the paper ticket. Furthermore, after the fourth journey on the subway within 24 hours, the one day ticket rate is automatically activated.

How to travel in Rome with Buses

Buses cover all areas of the city throughout the day. In fact, numerous night bus lines run through the city and the suburbs. Night bus stops are marked with an N and an owl. Validated bus tickets can be reused on the subway and vice versa within 100 minutes. The ticket must be validated inside the bus in one of the special machines located near the entrances. The validity period of the ticket begins with its validation. This is the link to the official map of Rome’s bus lines, but if you don’t like paper, download the official app “Travel with ATAC” on your mobile phone, which also shows the waiting times. The main terminals are in Termini (Piazza dei Cinquecento) and Piazza Venezia. From these two squares, buses leave in all directions every 20 minutes.

How to travel in Rome with the Subway

Rome offers 3 metro lines, Red Line A, Blue Line B, and Green Line C. The entrances are indicated by a large sign with a white M on a red background. The service is in operation from 5:30 to 23:30. There are signs both at the station and on the train indicating the stops along the way, marked by a voice that announces the stops. The paper ticket must be validated at the turnstile, is valid for 100 minutes, and can be reused in surface media.

The Subway Stations near the main touristic sites

Line A includes some useful stops to reach the meeting place to take part in the following walks or guided tours:

CYPRUS and OTTAVIANO Rome Instagram Spots Walking Tour  and 

Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and Basilica

FLAMINIO (Piazza del Popolo) Rome Sightseeing Walking Tour & Ice Cream

PIAZZA DI SPAGNA (Via Veneto exit) for the Villa Borghese and Galleria Borghese Tour

Line B includes the stop:

COLOSSEUM to reach the meeting with the guide for the Guided Tour from the Colosseum to the Orange Garden and

Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine

To move around Rome by public transport, choose the tourist ticket that best suits your needs in advance.(no English page )

How to travel in Rome with no stress

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