From St. Peter’s Basilica to the Spanish Steps: this Rome Instagram spots private walking tour is a riot of Roman Baroque masterpieces. The major Italian artists in this artistic current built the most scenic city globally. Its dynamism is still alive, and you can perceive it by following an expert private guide through the most instagrammable places in Rome. Discovering the true beauty of this incomparable city, you will get to know its history and legends. This itinerary includes 8 must-see monuments.


Included in the Rome Instagram Spots tour:

  • Professional Certified Guide to optimize your time and get the best memories of the most istagrammable places of Rome
  • COVID 19 safety measures: the face mask is no more mandatory but still recommended in crowded places.

Meeting point details for the Rome Instagram Spots tour

Meet your guide 5 minutes before the tour starts in St. Peter’s Square (8:55 am or 2.55 pm) under Rome’s most prominent Egyptian obelisk. The guide will hold a sign with your name. The closest underground station is “Ottaviano.”

The Rome Instagram Spots tour includes all the following sites:

St. Peter’s Square

Magical morning photographs of the Square (within 9:00 am except for Wednesday and Sunday morning) are the reasons why we include it as the first stop of this best of Rome tour. The Saints surmounting the monumental façade are the message of the Catholic Church offering protection to its worshippers. The immense theatrical colonnade mimes the warm embrace that you will never forget. Discover its secret with your guide.

Castel Sant’Angelo and its Bridge

Walking through Via Della Conciliazione, ideally connecting the Vatican to Rome, you will reach the imponent Adrian’s mausoleum.
The Archangel Michael dominates the top of this perfectly preserved second-century building. Dating 1752, the bronze angel hides the legend that your private guide will reveal. Today, the ancient mausoleum houses a famous museum, but it was a fortress, a prison, and a Papal residence in case of war. A secret passage connects the Vatican to Castel Sant’Angelo.

Ponte Sant’Angelo

Choose your guardian angel crossing the famous bridge and post your unique picture! The parade of angels designed by Bernini generously enriches the original Roman structure, which crosses the Tiber. Stunning views ensure amazing photos. Walking through Via Dei Coronari, you will breathe the atmosphere of a real ancient street.
You will continue the tour along the famous Via dei Coronari, the street of antique dealers. Shops full of objects and furniture of all kinds follow one after another, transmitting to the passer-by the feeling of living in another era.

Piazza Navona

This private tour of Rome is the right choice to learn numerous historical details. For example, your guide will tell how Bernini obtained the job of restoring the Square and building the spectacular fountain in its center. The fountain of the four rivers, representing the four continents, is not the only attraction of this SquareSquare, which foundation is Domiziano Circus, which is still visible. This Square has been among the Instagrammable places of Rome since the days of the Grand Tour!

The Pantheon & Adrian’s Temple

Your guided Rome Instagram spots tour continues with a timeless building. Dating back to AD 128, the Pantheon survives intact after 2000 years! The temple of all gods, built in honor of Agrippa by Emperor Adrian, is now a Christian Church housing the tombs of the kings of Italy and Raffael. The round building has the most immense unreinforced concrete dome in the world. The unique opening of the temple is the 9 meters oculus on the top of its dome.

The water of the Piazza Della Rotonda fountain, surmounted by one of the numerous Egyptian obelisks, offers the perfect setting for your pictures.

A few steps away stands the impressive remains of Adrian’s Temple columns.

Trevi Fountain & the Spanish Steps

“It’s wonderful!” exclaimed Anita Ekberg. She had a privileged perspective, but even from our point of view, the spectator can’t turn his face from this magnetic attraction, the most photographed in the world. This architectural monument was built on the wall of a Palace and at the end of an ancient aqueduct. Legends and myths symbolize the fountain’s history, sculpted in rocky scenery.

The last place on the Instagram tour of Rome we included in this walking tour is the Spanish Steps complex. One needs a knowledgeable guide to know all about its history and name. The French Church of Trinità Dei Monti stands above the impressive stairway. At its feet, the same water of the Trevi Fountain pours into the “Barcaccia,” the white marble boat sculpted by Pietro Bernini, the father of the more famous Lorenzo.


We suggest avoiding strollers and using a baby sling instead. Since Rome is an old town with cobblestone streets, strollers might face architectural barriers, as well as wheelchairs and walkers.

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Duration: 3 Hours

Price: Varies according to the number of participants

Days of Operations: Every day

Staring Time: 9:00 am / 3:00 pm or on request

Visita guidata Tempio di Adriano

Adrian Temple

Visita guidata Ponte Sant'Angelo

Sant’Angelo Bridge

Visita Pantheon


San Pietro guided visit

St. Peter’s Square

Piazza di Spagna guided visit

Spanish Steps

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