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"RGV Chi siamo"

Great holidays do not come by chance; they come by planning. If you like to organize your vacations, be inspired by the proposals of an experienced Italian Tour Operator. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, consider the convenience of our all-inclusive packages. Professionalism, full-time assistance, selection of professional guides and drivers are the foundations of our work and allow us to provide our customers with what they deserve: the best touristic offer! We do not pretend to show you everything but to let you savor the essence of beautiful sites so that you will not regret not having appreciated every aspect of them.

Where to find the best Tour Guides

The most expert guides know how to lead you in the labyrinth of Italy’s vast archaeological and historical heritage. Our guests deserve more! We have not created a tour for everyone, but a tailor-made tour for each client, far from a group tour with thirty people. Our guides do not recite the lesson by heart inside your earphones. We want to give you an interactive experience so that you can take home photos of your emotions. We will make you meet special people selected for the passion and love they show every day in their work.

Patrizia has held a license as one of the first Rome guides. In fact, despite her young age, she combined her love for Rome with the desire to share it. Her passion has never stopped since then!

Palmira‘s experience and passion for her work are qualities confirmed by all our customers. Her sympathy immediately puts them at ease, and in a few hours, they become the real protagonists of a fun Roman adventure, among numerous historical details and anecdotes.

Cecilia‘s background includes teaching art history. With doubtless knowledge of Rome, she loves to see eyes light up at the sight of our fantastic city and help guests create a unique experience.

Andrea‘s energy is inexhaustible and contagious and conquers everyone. Expert guide and adept at tailoring our guests’ experience to their needs, he always overcomes every expectation!

Robert was born in Ireland and came to Rome for his insatiable thirst for Italian art and history. For him, there is only one way to visit Rome: an enjoyable and memorable one! You can bet you will experience it!

Proud and humble ambassador of Italian culture, Giuseppe considers being a guide as a vocation. Ask him anything about Rome’s monuments; he will love to interact with you in a professional but friendly, joyful way!

Willing to share colors and beauties of our Country

With previous experience in the tourism sector, the founders of RGV Incoming, Claudio and Elisabetta, set up their first company in 2015 to offer high-quality tours with tourist guides in Rome and major Italian cities. They have rapidly expanded their offer, with the aim of making their guests discover the main attractions and lesser-known but no less important sites of the city. When they make you fall in love with every beautiful place in Italy they have achieved their goal!

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