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Working on a map of Italy for travel planning is a great idea, but be selective! Keep reading this article about the best places to visit in Italy if you want to save time and energy instead of moving from city to city.

Against our interest, we believe that LESS IS BETTER.

Is it necessary to see every place and everything at any given destination? Your adventure in Italy should be fun, not an endurance test.


“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” — Lawrence Block

Why do you need a map of Italy for travel planning? 

Italy presents an enormous diversity of towns and cities with their own culture and traditions, a veritable potpourri of experiences. Unless you have a month to go north to south of the boot, a map of Italy for travel planning is a good start. We suggest first-time visitors establish a temporary home in a large city

The first step is to look for a place to stay in Italy.

Where to stay in Italy

Let’s start focusing on the major destinations in Italy, appealing to a wide variety of interests, to pre-plan your vacation. First, you should read through our proposals and decide what interests you. Our map of Italy is the result of our customer’s preferences. Then, when you have located the area with the places that suit you most, you can decide where to stay in Italy and book your accommodation. The 4 main cities in Italy offer themselves many great experiences: Venice, Rome, Florence, and Naples. Besides more economical rates, the benefits of staying in a big city for several days is enjoying the day and nightlife. For transportation and accommodation, they are also the most logical base for day trips in Italy. Most best places to visit in Italy can be seen with Day Trips from Rome


italy day trips

Italy Day Trips

Do you agree with us? Starting from the city you have picked up as a base, you can go out on carefree day trips to the major cities in Italy. As a result, you can select only those places that interest you. The possibilities are endless! You can explore unspoiled hill towns, taste famous wines and dishes, and enjoy marvelous seaside views. Most of our clients choose two cities to pack their luggage only once. Still, it depends on how many days you have. 

What are the best places to visit in Italy?

The one above is the most challenging question. If you are a short-term visitor, the suggestion is to read through our experiences and, follow your instinct, choose the ones that intrigue you the most: boat cruises, seaside resorts, seaports, splendid villas, magical islands, natural beauty spots. Then, please focus on the most famous towns; there must be a reason why they are so well known: cathedrals, palaces, museums, roman ruins, landscapes, and places where history was made.  

Finally, our TIPS for planning a visit to Italy

  • Book a central accommodation to save time; it is not always comfortable and fast to reach the center of Italian cities.
  • Plan free time to stroll over to the nearest shopping area or sit down and have an expresso, breath the local atmosphere…in a word, and enjoy yourself!

Do you need free help? Do not hesitate to ask by filling out our contact form!


Happy day-tripping!